C.H. Spurgeon

CH Spurgeon was very clear and insistent on the importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit:

‘I daily feel that the atmosphere of earth has as much a tendency to harden my heart as to harden plaster which is newly spread upon the wall; and unless I am baptized anew with the Spirit of God, and constantly stand at the foot of the cross, reading the curse of sin in the crimson hieroglyphics of my Saviour’s dying agonies, I shall become as steeled and insensible as many professors already are.’
Spurgeon Autobiography Banner of Truth p. 160

Jesus of Nazareth was anointed of the Holy Spirit. Now then, if Jesus Christ, the great founder of our religion, needed to be anointed of the Holy Spirit, how much more our ministers?
12 Sermons on the Holy Spirit, p50

I ask my Lord often this one mercy, not only to make this church, as it is, the largest church in Christendom, but to be pleased to make us also strong men and women! Oh, if I can have in this Church a body of strong men and women who know what they have received, and hold it fast, and grow in Grace—who have their eyes lit up with enthusiasm because their hearts are burning with a Divine fervor—why, there is nothing impossible for you! You shall make the Church tell upon its age; you shall move London, which is the heart of the world, until it shall send out deep heart throbs that shall reach throughout the universe! With such multitudes as God adds to us continually—what might not be done if we had but the Baptism of Fire? But we must be ready for the Fire; we must tarry at Jerusalem and then, when the Holy Spirit comes down, we may speak each in his own tongue as the Spirit shall give us utterance—and who can tell how mightily we may serve the Master?

Quotation from sermon, Strong Meat

If we have not lived in the Light of God, can we marvel that we are in great part, dark? If we have not fed upon the Bread of Heaven, can we wonder that we are faint? Let us return unto the Lord! Let us seek again to be baptized into the Holy Spirit and into fire—and we shall yet again behold the wonderful works of the Lord! He sets before us an open door, but if we enter not, we are, ourselves, to blame. He gives liberally and upbraids not, but if we are still impoverished, we have not because we ask not, or because we ask amiss! Thus much, then, have I spoken, using the text to silence those who would censure the Spirit of God.

Quotation from sermon The Holy Spirit: the Need of the Age

Brothers and Sisters, let us go in to get of God all that God will give us! Let us set our heart upon this, that we mean to have, by God’s help, all that the infinite goodness of God is ready to bestow! Let us not be satisfied with the sip that saves, but let us go on to the Baptism which buries the flesh and raises us in the likeness of the risen Lord, even that Baptism into the Holy Spirit and into fire which makes us spiritual and sets us all on flame with zeal for the Glory of God and eagerness for usefulness by which that Glory may be increased among the sons of men!

Quotation from sermon The Indwelling and Outflowing of the Holy Spirit

O Brothers and Sisters, the Church is weak today because the Holy Spirit is not upon her members as we would desire Him to be! You and I are tottering along like feeble babes, whereas, had we more of the Spirit, we might walk without fainting, run without weariness and even mount up with wings as eagles! Oh, for more of the anointing of the Holy Spirit whom Christ is prepared to give immeasurably unto us if we will but receive Him! “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?” Is there not much Divine Power which has not, as yet, been manifested in you?

Quotation from sermon Receiving The Holy Spirit


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