18th Century

The following is a quote of Howell Harris’:

Several are so baptized with the promised fire of the Holy Ghost that they cannot contain themselves.

Jones and Morgan, 2008, p466 (first published 1890).

John Berridge, writing to Selina Countess of Huntindon in 1768 used the word to describe a local revival in the connexion’s college:

I am glad to hear of the plentiful effusion from above on Talgarth. Jesus has now baptised your College, and thereby shown his approbation of the work.

Seymour, 2000, p83-87 (originally published 1840)

The following quote is from Thomas Charles of Bala, of whom it was said, “his life itself, ‘with heaven in his face’, was a sermon.”

The baptism of fire, the touching of the live coal, the constraining of the love of Christ – these make his ministers a flame of fire, or living angels, to fly through the midst of heaven, carrying with them the everlasting gospel

Thomas Charles, 1993, p467 (originally published 1836)

Jonathan Edwards (1703 – 1758) is often cited for his marvelous accounts of his experiences of God’s manifest presence. The following quote is found in his ‘Works’:

When a soul is drawn to God in true conversion, fire comes down from God out of heaven, in which the heart is offered in sacrifice, and the soul is baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire.

Although here Edwards depicts the baptism occurring at the same time as ‘conversion’, it is to be remembered that conversion is always something people are aware of, sometimes extraordinarily so. If we equate ‘Baptism of the Holy Spirit’ only with the new birth, regeneration, then Edwards cannot have meant it that way since regeneration is a silent work of the Holy Spirit, the sinner is unaware of it. Ephesians 1:13 rightly understood allows synchronous conversion and anointing, as it does the latter following the former. How could you be unaware as ‘fire comes down from God out of heaven’? Indeed, have you been aware of it? If not, with Isaac Watts, ‘sue him for it’!

684 in Christian Worship:

If in my Father’s love
I share a filial part,
Send down thy Spirit like a dove,
To rest upon my heart.

We would no longer lie
Like slaves beneath the throne;
My faith shall Abba, Father, cry,
And thou the kindred own.

The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts, 1806

Charles, T & Banner of Truth Trust (1993) Thomas Charles’ spiritual counsels Banner of Truth Trust: Edinburgh

Jones, John Morgan & Morgan, William (1890), Translated by John Aaron (2008) The Calvinistic Methodist Fathers of Wales Volume One Banner of Truth Trust: Edinburgh

Seymour, ACH (2000) The Life and Times of Selina Countess of Huntingdon Tentmaker


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